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Applications of the Provenance Architecture

This page presents links to various applications that have employed the Provenance Architecture to develop provenance aware applications. In the EHCRS application the Provenance Architecture is used to track and provide information on electronic health care records used in the second example, the Organ Transplant Management application, which enables health workers to assign donor organs to patients. The final application is from the German Aerospace Centre and describes how the Provenance Architecure is used to provide provenance in aircraft simulation.

In addition to the three main applications, the project developed six case studies examining provenance in a range of different application scenarios.

  • A study of provenance and compliance.

  • A study of Security Issues in a provenance-based system.

  • A study examining the myGrid project and provenance questions apparent within that scenario.

  • A study of provenance use in BioDiversity Informatics.

  • A study of provenance use in the Gravitational Waves community.

  • A study of provenance in an electronic healthcare scenario.

The references for these documents can be found in the EU Provenance project's complete bibliography.